add the ability to Mark an Channel Message as one of my Favorite Messages...(similar to GIFs...) like a `Save for Later` feature


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  • Suspense
    What's the point of that? I don't really understand it
  • [BR]John_Magdy

    Sometimes i receive many Useful messages which i have to save them for later use...

  • Pi61

    Lol just screenshot it



  • Alexa Despacito

    Screenshots? It is not comfortable. If I want to mark several messages different at the same time? Take a screenshot will take more time.  And then when I need these messages, I must also spend time searching for them. Given that there will be different screenshots.

    That would be a great feature!  I would not have to constantly search for the messages I need by type: words, attachments, from whom and etc.  Yes, there is a function to pin a message. But. This does not work if you do not have access to pin messages in the server chat. And also in private messages it is fixed for both people. That, for example, I also do not always need.

  • clarson

    This would be a very nice feature. I belong to many discords for which I pull research or items I want to research. It would be an awesome feature to be able to simply right-click and do a save to and place in a catalog of mine or a saved messages area. Telegraph has a similar feature, I use it all the time.


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