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  • Azz

    I would use this. I'm on a server that is the staff chat for a niche social media site. Sometimes Stuff Happens, and in addition to being pingable by role, there are words I potentially want to be roused from sleep by. Because it's social media, in addition to tech support issues, the customer service crew gets reports of users in peril every now and then. There's a robust phone tree, but for reports like those, I want every backup possible. Those situations aren't always discovered by people with training on how to handle it (such as friends of the user in peril).

  • Forstrei

    Why does this have downvotes with no comments? I'd love to have this feature. I'm on a server where people offer up ingame items that go pretty quickly. I'd love to be able to be pinged as soon as one of the items is mentioned so I can bid asap

  • Seikikai

    Agree At This

  • jaghaimo

    This is a huge QoL for me. For example:

    - Being a modder of a game, release a mod "myMod"

    • Be pinged whenever people talk about it, or
    • Be pinged whenever "myMod" gets mentioned along with "bug", "crash", or similar in the same message

    - Being a normal user

    • Be pinged whenever someone mentions my nick (not via @), or
    • Be interested in a topic, add a word "cats" to my ping list.

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