Remove ping from user(s) when message with mention is deleted.


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  • jashan

    It would also help with spammers that still cause trouble with their pings even though their message(s) have already been deleted (or the spammer banned).

  • Nima

    I agree, definitely need this feature.

  • uku

    i'm here because i know a bot developer who likes a lot ghost pinging me thousands of times

  • Jump

    If the discord app sends a notification, it's probably impossible to remove that. But removing the red indicator would probably go a long way to prevent ghost pings. 

    Another benefit is for admins who might accidentally ping a role but delete their message immediately, this would help avoid users going "Ping REEEE"

  • Roper89

    I'm surprised we have to beg to fix this bug.
    It is not normal to receive an alert about something that is not there.
    This is trolling from the developers or their complete incompetence.


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