Zooming in on images inside app


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  • Feedeo con Salsa

    Yes Please.
    I post *Patch notes* of Black Desert Online and they are very large images, when you open them you can't even notice but being able to zoom them would be very good

    (i speak spanish)

  • Louka

    This definitely needs to happen. Anything shown even in the enlarged view is too small. almost every other messaging app has some form of this.

    I don't want to bring my group over to discord for this very reason!

  • RookTKO

    I can vouch that myself and my team would love this feature as we post pixel art all the time. Do you know terrible it is to try to see an enlarged image of pixel art and its just blurred or the same image?

  • mavw

    I'm a part of a couple of pixel art channels and the ability to zoom would greatly improve how we display/critique images there.

  • Daniel Clarc

    I double on what everyone is saying so far, for a multitude of reasons it would be a great addittion. Especially for all the pixel art community using discord right now

  • Totally Not Dodo

    This is needed. Especially when the picture is a test or something important you can't read.


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