Favourite emoji feature rather than recently used page


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  • Alf
  • Lizard

    I do definently enjoy seeing what I frequently use, but for sure I would love the ability to select my top emojis.

  • Vi

    Agreed. Would be much more useful.

  • Kjaere Vandrenren

    I requested just being able to add my own emojis, otherwise I'm opening up private servers. They cant claim worry over nsfw emojis crossing over because a nitro user can easily do that through nsfw servers since there is no control over that

  • Tytt

    I really want this. I have all my todolists for school and in general are on my discord. When im done with something i react to it with a ''check'' emoji. the issue is that i have to search for the emoji every time i want to react to a message. wierdly the emoji doesnt show up in my recently used tab either.


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