Discord is Eating a lot of CPU for some reason


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  • Orion Gospel

    Same here. Discord isn't running as smooth as it used to the last 3-4 days for some reason

  • dAyo

    Here's what fixed it for me:

    Everytime i enter a voice chat, my cpu goes to 30%+, when i leave it normalizes, turns out it was a voice changer software, deinstalled and now it's perfectly fine, so in conclusion, try removing any voice software related stuff.

  • tastyguava

    Aha. I get up to 40% usage on my CPU and 1GB to 3GB of usage just from Discord. Literally nothing else uses this many resources besides heavy games it's insane

  • Kros

    dAyo any tips where i can find those voice software related stuff?


  • Vifours


    Is there eny news for this problème.

    I have 2 computer both have a CPU problem with discord, one use 40% CPU jsute for being in a chat.

    The other go up too 70% CPU when i am in video call with 4 other people.

    Is there a possible correction for this, or should i forfeit Discord ?


  • Kjenium

    I have a i7 9700k and discord takes like the 10% of the cpu, but sometimes it randomly goes up to 30 and if i am playing i framedrop because some 30 to 40 of the game i come up with 70% used sometimes even 80

  • franckn

    Hey, using the discord app had very big drops in performance.

    CPU usage ranged between 10% to 50%.

    I mitigated the problem greatly disallowing the H264 codec and disallowing the voice processing options (echo cancelation, noise reduction & automatic gain control)

    Now when using the app it stays at 15% consistently.

  • Twisty

    I have recently gotten a vr headset and I decided to buy one of the most cpu intensive games and discord uses almost 20-60% of my cpu while playing the game 

  • DanielDroub

    Yep, sometimes my pc randomly jumps to 90% cpu, i check, its not google, its discord. idk why it does that? after a min it goes back to 10%.

  • Pepito500

    Discord = Electron APP

  • SaintsWolf

    I recently fixed this issue myself, if you are still having this issue try:
          Going to your settings - Voice and video
          Disable: Noise Suppression - H.264 Hardware Acceleration - Echo Cancellation - Noise Reduction - Advanced Voice Activity - Automatic Gain control - Enable Quality of service High Packet Priority
         Under Voice Diagnostics - Show a warning when discord is not detecting audio from your mic - Use our latest Technology to capture your screen - use an experimental method to capture audio from applications - Diagnostic audio recording - debug logging

    I am almost certain you do not have to turn off all of these, but i turned them all off in one fell swoop and i went from 30-40% CPU usage to 3%. (still not very happy with 3% considering other services i use dont even use 1% but it's better than 30%) but atleast if you disable all of these you can then slowly re-enable things to see what is the problem.

    Hope this helps.

  • Matsyir

    I've started getting this issue recently, after joining a very large public server. Assumption: It seems like part of the problem is that Discord attempts to pre-load all your servers' messages, but this is very problematic when you're in a lot of servers, and some have a large/active userbase. I was already in a few decently large ones and surprisingly never had issues, but this new one was ridiculously large - 150k+ members with 50k+ active, which includes an unrestricted public text chat AND voice chat, which are both constantly out of hand.

    I can understand the benefit of pre-loading messages, but there should definitely be a toggle for this. It's especially a problem when I boot my PC, load up Discord into my small private server with 5 friends in order to work from home, and Discord is suddenly taking 60%+ CPU and freezing up my entire PC since it's endlessly trying to cache/pre-load the spam messages from the massive server I had no intention of taking a peek at on that day. I'm starting to feel like I should just leave any public communities I'm in and stick to small friend-only servers. (The issue was fixed by leaving the newly joined massive server, but now I'm concerned about all the other large servers I'm in as well. Have I been wasting CPU/bandwidth on all these this entire time??)

  • Mr. Crapper

    Weirdly when I disabled hardware acceleration  my CPU went from:

    with it on: 15-23%
    with it off: 0,4-15%

  • Elektrodisko

    I am also experiencing constant CPU loads of 40-60% while only using voice chat(!) on a machine with Intel Pentium N5000. Yes, this is more of a low end CPU, but still...

  • Grens 101

    Disabling Hardware Acceleration and CPU goes from 20% to 0.1% at idle (on PC)


  • Under

    Hi there, I'm having the exact same issue. I've disabled hardware acceleration but I've noticed it happens when I have my camera turned on in a vc with someone. I've deleted cache and reinstalled discord multiple times now and my memory can sometimes go yo to 2000mb which is highly concerning. At this point, when I have my camera on and I'm in vc, it will randomly close and restart my discord. If anyone has any help or advice on this please let me know, it's getting quite frustrating to deal with now :((

  • catalystjs

    I solved the issue by doing the following:

    Open in-discord settings > Voice & Video > Scroll down until you see 'openH264' > Disable "OpenH264 Video Codec Provided by Cisco System, inc. > scroll down until 'echo cancellation' > disable "Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and automatic Gain Control"

    and voila, your discord should go from 30 to 60% CPU while idle and gaming to a steady 1.3% while idle and 15% when gaming.

  • aragubas

    Discord should really fix this, my processor is not the best one and it keeps using 20 to 60% at random, even if the app is at background, i am really thinking about changing to Telegram, because it runs much better and don't reduce computer peformace...

  • EvasaurusRex

    After hours of troubleshooting, I found a solid solution for the discord app eating up the CPU for Windows 10:

    Start > Settings > Display

    1. Scroll down to the very bottom and click "Graphics settings"

    2. Make sure Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is turned on

    3. Under "graphics performance preference," under the drop-down menu, set it to "desktop app" and click "browse" and locate your discord file. 

    4. Once you've found it, under Options/Graphics preference, set it to high performance, save. And that should do it! 

    You may need to restart your computer after changing these settings. My graphics card is a gtx 1660 for reference.


  • Grizlybaer

    Been happening to me today i have an i7 10th gen, 32 gigs of ram, and an nvidia rtx 2070... i don't think it should be running so hot

  • imouse1

    I'm not sure why adding more features would make it run cooler.

    I found this thread because of the problems with Discord.  It was causing my computer to stutter every 60 seconds and would cause my antivirus to investigate it, so I'd lose 20 seconds every minute because of Discord running on my PC.  

    The only workaround I have found is running it through my phone and not using any streaming with it.  No more problems with FPS.  Went from 8 FPS in my game (not streaming, just talking with other folks) to regularly high 70s+.  My computer is also not running as hot--went from regularly running around 95-100C to 78C.

  • Gman

    I'm having the same issue. Windows 10. When running Discord it will randomly (after some time) cause system interrupts to go crazy and cause a 100% memory leak (eating up all 32 GB's of memory).

    Basically I don't use Discord because of this.

  • GreenReaper

    I found a significant decrease for me was achieved by disabling "Display current activity as a status message". Discord likely uses WMI or similar for this to get process data, which can result in a lot of CPU activity.


    The setting is under Activity Settings/Activity Status in case you want to give it a go yourself (have Task Manager open to see if it has an impact).

  • Esser

    It seems all of these comments are based off of personal issues not discord issues, remember, not everyone has those issues, and if you are having issues try googling the issue first.

  • GreenReaper

    I'm a Win32 software developer. I know what Discord is doing *can* be expensive (it's not cheap for Task Manager, too). Turning it off makes a difference to Discord own CPU usage here. So...

    It is possible that the system's configuration is a factor (it's a Surface Pro, not a very powerful CPU), but that is true of many computers - perhaps less so for those developing the feature, of course.

  • Snow196883

    I'm using Discord on Linux, I am quite experienced in it, and I've optimized it to the point where my computer consumes less than 200 MB of memory at boot and have a very low CPU usage, yet Discord is taking all my CPU when using it (just typing, not even a voice call).

    There is a serious problem with this app. And not only the app itself, but also its policy. Such as the fact alternative clients (made by the users themselves, which require literally NO work by the developers) is illegal according to the Discord policy (it's categorized as "API abuse"). I know some people got their email and IP banned for Discord because they used an "unofficial" client.

    Though many people don't experience those issues because they have a better hardware, this kind of useless bloat in your software makes it very inconvenient for accessibility to people that can't or don't want to buy a new computer.

    So please, Discord team: you have 3 choices:

    * Make a lightweight version of Discord, running natively on all platform (not using Electron or web apps)

    * Allow users to use unofficial or modified clients in your policy, and stop banning people for that.

    * Both

    ~ A user that would really want to use Discord without having to buy another computer or experience a 1 second typing delay.

    PS: This kind of thing only happens with Discord in my experience.

  • EvaRahlena

    This is happening on 4 of our gaming laptops, in our house, as well. Discord is hitting between 20%-60% CPU usage, causing an increase in temperatures, and a decrease in FPS in various games including Minecraft (Java), Final Fantasy XIV, and Guild Wars 2. Exiting Discord causes all 4 computers to drop in CPU temps between 5-15 degrees, depending on the computer, and the FPS will increase dramatically. We ended up uninstalling and getting a $2 Mumble server from TypeFrag as of last night to remedy the problem. Below is a listing of the computers. Note that I disassemble each every 3 months for cleaning and I always repaste and throw on new thermal pads where needed as soon as a new computer enters the house.

    ASUS ROG Strix Laptop - Purchased New 4 Months Ago
    Core i7-10870 w/ 16GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
    Playing FFXIV w/Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 96C GPU: 81C - FPS AVG 67
    Playing FFXIV w/o Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 88C GPU: 79C - FPS AVG 141

    ASUS TUF A15 Laptop - Purchased New 5 Months Ago
    Ryzen 7 4800 w/ 16GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti
    Playing FFXIV w/Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 89C GPU: 76C - FPS AVG 49
    Playing FFXIV w/o Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 80C GPU: 74C - FPS AVG 97

    HP Pavilion G15 Laptop - Purchased New 6 Months Ago
    Core i5-9300 w/ 16GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 1650
    Playing FFXIV w/Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 81C GPU: 76C - FPS AVG 29
    Playing FFXIV w/o Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 67C GPU: 63C - FPS AVG 46

    ASUS TUF 505 Laptop - Purchased New 1 Year, 3 Months Ago
    Ryzen 5 3550 w/ 16GB RAM
    Radeon RX 560X
    Playing FFXIV w/Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 78C GPU: 72C - FPS AVG 31
    Playing FFXIV w/o Discord: Temp AVG CPU: 64C GPU: 68C - FPS AVG 59

    You can see that there is a temperature increase and performance decrease for all the computers while playing with Discord. The CPU usage for Discord is way too high on all 4 computers bouncing between 20%-60% and as a result is causing the temperature to rise. It happens the same on Intel Core or AMD Ryzen CPUs just the same. I am in 3 Discord servers while the other 3 are only in 1. It's more pronounced when in a voice channel but still bad when not. As soon as Discord is exited the CPU usage drops, temps drop, and FPS increases.

    I have tested this also using TeamSpeak 3, Ventrilo 3, Mumble 1.3.3, Skype, Slack, and Synology Chat (for good posture) and am not seeing the same CPU usage with any of those. I'm sad to have to stop using Discord and hopefully the issues get resolved sooner than later.

  • Binato

    No meu caso funcionou eu fui nas comfiguraçoes do discord fui em voz e video e desativei o OpenH264 e aceleração de hardware264 

  • Trumpediet

    Viber is literally the same as Discord, but my God it uses so much less CPU and RAM, just switch to Viber or use the web version, that's that, like literally.

  • Yiss

    it will only get 20-60% cpu usage if discord is open, minimize discord and see again, unless you have your discord open on 2nd monitor you wont have your discord framedropping your games too much. inside a voice chat i get 6-11% cpu usage, still big but not as much as you guys reported


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