More Control over what servers bot API can be in who can add bot to servers


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  • donovan_dmc

    For the private bit, you can mark the client as private via the dev portal

    and you can make it leave servers via a DELETE request to /api/v7/users/@me/guilds/:id

  • boofhead

    Sorry For a very late Reply.
    my bot is public since i have intentions of allowing other to add it but still 
    that did not answer my question/Request COMPLETELY  i was saying Stopping a certain user from adding your bot/or outright just denying access to a bots to invite link for a server to allow people who do not know how to do that by coding someway to manage their bot Even when the setting are set to public
    You have helped where how to force a Bot to leave a server is concerned but you need to re-read it as i meaning something different and before i get negative comment i understand i did start off wrong with the Quote
    "As a bot owner who's best hosting method is to host via a 4GB computer i need to control who adds my bot and that i can remove my bot from servers that i do not like easily and see which servers my bot is in" so sorry for any mis-understandings
    This my first time posting a request

    oh and i tried your method of a requesting a force leave from a server but...
    it is not showing what the screenshot shows just a small line of text
    which ID am i meant to place there


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