Change Login from Email to Username with "#"


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  • Mariettagecko

    SQRL Support would fix this problem!  No more need to worry about an email address getting lost!  

  • Husky031

    That would not help my case because that email was deleted which I believe it was hacked or I might accidently forgot to sign out of a public computer somewhere. It would make more sense to sign in with your username with your "#" which would be hard to guess then to use the email but then again I don't know how I could compose that so the email is not useless, either.

  • jishn

    Same its very frustrating too i cant get it back as my email is gone forever they say to you that you have to contact the emails company (gmail) but i cant cause my accounts deleted over 3 years and im trying to get my discord account back.

  • omfg same here. There are all these people I talked to on my old account and I don’t know how I’m supposed to contact them anymore. I mean I never memorised their numbers/tags and people change their usernames all the time, I did but I definitely know which one was my last. Also my friends are most likely trying to contact me on that account and I want to see what’s being said you know.

  • Harvey23

    Omfg discord about like 100,000 pepole have been trying to log in their account but have forgot there email/password do something about it i have litreally tried to login to my account too

  • Mr.LUFFY🇮🇶



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