Alexa Discord Skill


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  • William R. Smit

    PLEASE this needs to be a thing.

  • DragonSoul06

    Yes please make this a thing

  • fassbanger

    Yeah and with echo show feature 

  • torsio

    Plz doit

  • Nostromo

    I would be happy if Alexa would work with voice chat. That is 1 of the reasons I actually bought the speaker since it has a mic built in. Push to talk could still work by using the phone or other device.

  • AncientDarkFire

    It seems to me that it would be a great thing if this can be made possible.

  • Mariommsfilho

    I will Use these Skill commands For Example:

    Auto-mute Alexa, Muted my Headset to the Voice chat channel.

    auto-unmuted Alexa, Unmuted my Headset to voice chat channel.



  • Willyan Luiz Genaro

    Discord, please implement this so I can communicate with my friends and also create a version of this skill for Google Assistant devices like the Google Nest Mini to be able to communicate with my friends!


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