More Detailed Mute Server


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  • myvous

    Yes please!

  • back off boo 🦆

    Please! I need to leave my electronics on during the night for alarms but I never can sleep due to pings!

    We really need this.

  • ElaTheDeveloper

    Hoping to get a bit more traction on this one. I have some uni servers I like to mute when im at home and not at uni. Current solution is AHK and KeyboardMaestro.

  • Ʌ Z T Ʌ R I O

    Came here for this. 

    Optimally, we could assign servers to lists that we create, and set a custom "quiet time" for each list. 


    "At Work"-list, mute all servers in list from 08:00 - 16:00,
    "Weekend"-list, mute all servers in list from Friday 18:00 - Sunday 18:00,


    Would be really great! I use discord for work, hobby projects, and gaming, so there's a lot of servers..

  • FyoraSilverwolf

    I want this so I can mute a server Monday through Thursday all day, because I only care about what's on it on the weekends. But I have other servers I care about all throughout the week.


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