The new update from February 2020


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  • Lotty

    I agree! I feel the same as you do, chaserwolf21148... Disabilities were not taken into account with this recent UI update.

  • warpfurry

    I agree and absolutely hate this new update. 

    One more thing to add is that when my mouse (on computer) moves over any message, the entire Thumbs/Eyes/Reaction/Plus thing pops up on the right side of the message and both covers up text and is an eyesore and distraction from the message I'm trying to read.

    I prefer it the old way, where it was compact, simple, and blended in well with the dark theme I had going, without a bunch of annoying emotes popping up in my way whenever I scroll up or down to try to read stuff.

  • UltraLuigi

    I support options, because as can be seen here, there's always at least one person upset with every change.

  • Hoptilicٴٴٴٴٴٴٴ

    Shittiest UI update to ever exist

  • Frizy007

    I honestly agree. This update is so distracting and the reactions just dont look right.

  • nxtali3

    This is a horrible update. I can't even figure out how to delete or edit messages on PC. I know you can on mobile, but on PC, it's just completely ruined. Please revert back to the old version or I'm quitting Discord

  • OFF

    I don't care if you add a new shitty UI change at least if you make us revert it back on their own in the SETTINGS.

    Stop being rarted @ Discord.

  • maniax

    please just remove this update or make it go back please i have claustrophobia and this is making me scared

  • TwistedGauntlet

    I don't have an issue with Discord experimenting with new UIs. I think it's great that they're trying something new. What bothers me greatly is that there is no way to go back. For a project that comes with the cosmetic of choosing between teams (Shoutout to my homeboys on HypeSquad Brilliance) I find it surprising that there is no UI list of options in the settings.

    Like Light Theme and Dark Theme, they should have options to select between the different U.I. changes they've made in the past. That way people can hit the "Go Back" button if they prefer it the old way.

    This new theme is frustrating to look at. Hovering my mouse over messages and having the whole thing highlight is annoying, and I can't shake the uncomfortable feeling I get looking at chat and seeing it all compact, at first I thought something had gone wrong with my font size and spacing in the settings. Then I realized that's just how it IS now.

    Also, for the people in this thread trying to delete messages, when you hover over your messages and a skyscraper of attention from the UI gets dropped onto it, you can see next to the emojis that the horizontal 3 dots representing settings are still there. Just click on that for "More", and Delete Message should be an option.

  • mountlover

    In addition to the complaints above, I'll point out from a server moderation perspective, this new UI change actively encourages reaction emote spam, which means large servers will have to inevitably disable reactions altogether or have one more thing added to the long list of moderator responsibilities.

    EDIT: I'd also like to point out that the way the new quote feature automatically adds a ping to the quoted user is an exercise in frustration. Encouraging users to ping each other when they're already engaged in conversation in the same channel does not foster communication, it's just aggravating to the user receiving the pings.

  • Altair

    I'ts not like i hate this discord update put is very bad tbh :l


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