A new kind of DM: DMs with Discord Bots


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  • DarthStroyer

    > Admin permissions for the bot as if it was in a server (clearing reactions, deleting user messages)

    This would be particularly cool!

  • LeptoFlare

    I agree, I really hope discord considers this as it opens up a lot of new opportunities for bot creators.

  • JohannLau

    good idea! shall also allow mixed groups (e.g. with 2 humans and 3 bots)

  • JustTheCoolest

    BlueZ is correct, bots should not be able to DM you by default. That would open up an industry of DM marketing. Instead, we can have an option to DM bots without being in the same server, but not the other way around

  • Brody Merritt

    I like what Johann Lau mentioned, where you can have members and bots in a group chat, like if you and your friends wanted synced music using Groovy, Rythm, or other amazing Music bots

  • PRIZ ;]

    this should just be the default, with no special ui

  • ˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞

    BlueZ nobody liked that

  • BlueZ

    No hell no bots goin in to dms averting random NSFW Servers that jo one cares about ...


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