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  • STRANGER TheOtherAccountDisabled

    Hi, yesterday I had a problem and I bought a "Server Boost" but I canceled it and now they deactivated my account for Violation of TOS, I really don't know why this happened. With the message that you sent me saying that "To regain access to your account, you will need to remove any open disputes". At this point I had to withdraw all complaints to get my account back but so far I have no answers. The payment has been made and now I want my account back.

    sorry dude, I don't know how to make a post. I had to request your publication as well. We have almost the same problem.

  • Cocam123


    I can understand how that might be inconvenient (especially in this case).

    In order to get an answer to your request you have to make a request here:


    This site is only a site for feedback / ideas.


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