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  • SystemOctave

    It does look like you can change your account username in the settings. I don't know if there are any restrictions, like only being able to do so once a day or something, but that would work to update your name across all of your DMs. 

  • TheFallenAngel

    This name I have currently is due to a game that i play, I meant have a nickname for DMs just like in a server where you can change it if the owner lets you or not

  • Jordan_

    A dedicated nickname that is not your username for all DMs would be a very useful feature.

  • valandil

    Yeah, just allowing `/nick <new_nickname>` in DMs would be great. Especially with COVID-19, I have people from different social circles joining Discord, and I would like for them to recognize me.

  • shockthetoast

    This would be very useful. I don't want to change my global username to my real name for privacy reasons, but for some DMs with friends it would be nice.

  • spaceprincexx

    ^ All of the above. My own wife is <discord username> and it's weird.

  • mabn

    I'd like the same. Ideally I'd like people from a given server to see the name I use on that server (so I don't have to set it for everyone separately).

    Or maybe it could show the nickname(s) they know me by next to my account name, in parens or something?

    Currently I just have to start DMs by mentioning who I am to make the other person recognize me.

  • MoonPrism

    Yeah, I'd really appreciate this feature, as well. I'm a mod on a sizable server, and I use Discord for loads of other things as well. Please make this possible.

  • Auster

    I'd also appreciate this feature, and I agree with many of the points people already mentioned in this thread

  • Tcel

    I will throw my hat in for this feature as well. I started off with Discord for communication with friends in games. Now I am attempting to bring Discord to my workplace and setting up a server for us there. I can set my nickname for the server to be my actual name since it is a professional company workplace. This allowed me to be one name on the work designated server while retaining my nickname on the other servers I belong to for games and communities where I do not wish to have my actual name known.

    What I found out was, direct messages do not follow this, and I can see the difficulty in implementing this...but would love to be able to have all DMs to people on one server be with the nickname I use for that server vs DMs with others on the other servers use the nickname set for them.

  • afool

    +1! Thanks!

  • Dilly-MicMoo

    I normally don't bother with these "I want ___" threads but thus is something I really need right now.

  • Starr_System

    Having nicknames in dms would also help people who have DID like me for when an alter fronts to tell people who it is without having to type their name at the end of ever message

  • ptkza

    +1! I like that you can do this in the server, and it would be great to do this in DMs so I spend less mental energy remembering who I'm chatting with.

  • theredbobcat


  • Libero

    Would like this feature too! Moving most of my social circles off other messaging apps and into Discord, and I'd like that we don't have to memorize who's who

  • DNAG

    Joined and signed in just to throw a hearty +1 for this feature. PLEASE!

  • gr00vy

    Another vote here - building a community at the moment with club members/friends IRL and hoping to use Discord. We can set nicknames on our new server, but would be good to be able to use these in DMs between members too.

    Perhaps if users have more 1 or more mutual servers in common they could be prompted to select the nickname from one of those to use in their DM?

  • DCEnygma

    This feature would also be helpful for trans folks who have come out to some friends but not others, I think it's  a very helpful and inclusive feature.

  • Asrai Spellweaver

    I'm not asking to be able to hide my username (though that could be useful for some people I'm sure).

    I just want to be able to change my nickname in DM's so e.g. my partner can see my real name and not my more anon-friendly discord username.

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  • ꕤ | WolfieBoy | ☩

    I can’t access the nickname option on mobile. Can I? If so, how?

  • chirp

    I would like to see this feature too. Like when talking to people from the non-gaming world. I can't tell you how many times I've experienced "Who the heck is [gaming username]? Oh right, it's [real name]."

  • hello_planet

    Agree on this! My husband and I met through a Discord server, so Discord DMs are still our primary form of communication. It's a little weird seeing his username instead of his actual name when we message. 

  • SadBoiPineapple


  • Awkanic

    +1; I'm bringing people from non gaming arenas into discord to consolidate. Usernames feel wierdly impersonal even when they're family.

  • LymePi

    +1 from me too. Please Discord team, this would be a much appreciated feature. ♥

  • Cubedex

    +1 Not only does this help with DMing people from different social groups, but it's an added level of anonymity for streamers. I know people who put too much private information in their username, and it be nice to set a nickname to make them less identifiable. Such as nicknaming them "Dad" instead of "FirstNameLastName".

  • Silivrenwolf

    Has anything been done on this? I would really appreciate and love this feature too!

  • baguetti



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