Discord Roles Permissions


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  • TheMarkus1204

    It is simple, really.

    All you want is a hierarchy to the roles. Roles that are higher up in that hierarchy should be the "active" role (base for all permissions that may or may not be added through other roles) if given to a member of the channel. So in your case - if "no channel" is really high up in that hierarchy, "no channel" dominates all other roles, even if there are roles that allow seeing or connecting to certain other channels.

    Top of the hierarchy overwrites lower roles' permissions... ^^


    This would be a nice change to the existing concept, because you would not need that much roles anymore...

  • Permedd

    yeah exactly, I can't even mute anyone on my discord, i have to ban them which is so unfair, hopefully the discord developers can does something about this.


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