Disable quote-reply function


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  • xuey


    Please let us disable quotes in a channel, or at least suppress the pings within all quotes. Thank you.

  • Suskeyhose

    Because these are just normal messages that happen to have > prefixed before some text and a ping in them, all that work is done client-side, so there's no way to distinguish a quote from some message which just happens to be formatted similarly. Either disable pings from that channel or server, or inform the people who are doing this type of quote spam that it's rude.

  • TallBear

    Even if quoting works Client side, you can put an option in the server to disable it, and that would tell the client that quotes are not allowed on the server And disable it client side  


    This is a huge problem for me because I have a paid translation service on my discord server, and anytime somebody does a Quote it unnecessarily translates things and cost me more money


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