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    This should work almost like you can already have different nicknames on different servers. You have a global status, that appears on all servers by default and in your DMs. It would probably also be used for rich presence and other activities other than the custom status. Additionally, you can then set independent statuses on different servers, that override your global status on that server.

    This way I could set a status on a server with my friends, which maybe includes more personal information that I don't want other people on bigger community servers to see.
    That would really help to better separate my activities on Discord, like being more professional on a big community server where I am a Moderator, while also being able to be a bit more silly with my friend group servers.

    API wise, this could probably integrate quite reasonable with how status is currently handled in the Gateway. Since the activities are set by providing a list of activity objects, it might do the trick to add an optional field "guild_id" to the activity structure, that can be used in combination with the activity type "custom". You can then pass multiple custom activities for different servers (guilds) to the gateway. A custom activity with "guild_id" left empty would represent the global status. The presence update events sent by the gateway are already distinguished between guilds (they already have a "guild_id" field), so that it would be possible to return only the activities that are allowed to be seen on a specific guild.
    I don't have many experience with how the current status/activity system is actually implemented, though, so I don't know if my conceptions about it are correct and whether this could actually work like this.

    Edit: Gateway presence update and update status for reference on how things currently work

    Edit 2: There is already another thread on this topic that has more votes

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    Bump, hope this gets added

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    Bump, would love this


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