Replace embeds with Adaptive Cards (open standard)


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  • Invoku

    I love this idea and I support it, but I think they would have to co-exist? Bots aren't the only ones using embeds, websites would still need them. It could be deprecated for the API though, that's for sure.

    I've actually wanted this for a while, because I saw Slack had something similar to this. Not sure if they have their own standard or not, but it allows you to build UIs (button, dialogs, etc).

  • Hitt Stormfalcon

    Pushing this up a bit :) 

    It doesn't  have to be a replacement of the Embeds, but if Discord was supporting either or at least as such it would really improve the whole embed story and a lot of devs are asking for features this comes with. 

    Im the creator of and active in the Adaptive Cards community. Could connect you with relevant people at Microsoft to help get this rolling if you guys are interested. 

    By now cards are already supported in MS Teams, Skype , Webex Teams and a few more. If you where to support cards and the bot framework people could build stuff that spans Power Automate, Teams AND Discord in all directions. 

    In my eyes a big win for everyone involved and especially all the devs. 

    Adding AdaptiveCards (or BotFramework) is quite simple as its all available as NPM packages etc. 

    Let me know if you are interested in any more details


  • Ahnaf

    Damn, that's an awesome suggestion. We could really use adaptive cards, just hope that Discord adds them :D

  • Lach993

    really like the suggestion as my current alternative for embeds is making and attaching images, with the state embeds are in with terrible aesthetics on mobile, with them breaking every 5 seconds I think an alternative that has rules to its structure will be a win win.

  • Cops and Robbers

    I highly support this suggestion.

  • Soldr

    I also support this, I think adaptive cards would help with UX in bots.

  • Shivster

    This would be an awesome addition to the API :D


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