Discord keeps answering me with the same message, I can't get unbanned even tho I'm innocent


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  • $hadøw__Hunter

    Well since you are ment to be innocent i wonder why they stated 'We will not be reinstating the account.'
    Even tho this is unfair I hope that they should have listened to your side of the story
    So I'm guessing you lost that account since they did state that they will not be reinstating the account
    However if you are still being charged for nitro (if you got it that is) then they have to either refund all payments back up to the date of ban, reinstate the account and give the nitro time lost back for free OR you make a new account and they transfer all payments and the current nitro of that account

  • 32Pengun

    Nope I dont have nitro, and I dont feel like they listened to any email I sent, as they all have been answered with the same default message, even the emails where I asked when I doxxed, or the email where I wrote "Hello" to test if they did. My account has literally been banned for being inside a Discord server lol

  • Armored Eagle

    If you checked closely at the Discord Terms of Service, they are not required to give you a reason in which you are punished (“The Company reserves the right to refuse any user access to the Services without notice for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of the Terms.“). With that being said, they are aloud to suspend or ban your account on any instance without reason.

  • 32Pengun

    The reason was doxxing which I did not do

  • 32Pengun

    When will a discord mod be able to look into this? It's almost been a week without my account


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