Delete Discord guild messages after 3 months.


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  • Zelkova

    I would like this feature simply due to the fact you can end up leaving the server on bad terms and leave a ton of content that personally belong to you such as art, guides or concepts. The ability to remove my existence from a server would be extremely nice even with the decent grace time length. Kinda hate the idea that I can be kicked from a server or choose to leave it on bad terms and yet they still get access to everything that is me. I'm sure some would use it out of spite but as people who created the posts shouldn't they still have the right to remove them? As it is at the moment the owner of the servers can outright steal anything you left behind as you lack control over it (including personal information as stated in the OP) which may encourage owners to basically bait information/data just to dash off with it all. 

    Even if it cost Nitro to use such a feature it would be worth it for me.


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