New bug- Mobile VC


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  • QuantumVoid

    This is happening to me and my GF. We use discord for very long periods, like during my 12 hour shifts at work. And we're getting this weird bug where the green circle goes away and she has to reconnect (or me, depending who lost their circle). Is it cause the phone is idle too long and it goes to sleep?

  • Vex

    I swear this has been happening to me too, im not even disconnected or anything. Its just pure silence and i have to leave vc and join back in to hear people again

  • Viccy

    Same for me, whenever I am on a call with my friends, I press the home button and after a long period of time, I disconnect. I open the app again and I automatically reconnect. 

  • QuantumVoid

    This is still happening. Is there any word on a fix? It didn't use to happen. Something in the last 2weeks/month broke it.

  • NYӾKnuckles

    This is incredibly annoying and I’m plagued by it. It also kicks me off as soon as I love the app or soon after I leave it. Makes it difficult to community with team in games and it wasn’t doing this on IOS long ago. It mainly seems to affect newer Apple models like my XS but it’s just infuriating that it was working not long ago. Most I’ve been able to run the vc in background is 5 minutes. Why don’t y’all make a permission to where it treats it as a call similar to our phone app? Ik it’s possible for apps to do it on android and if face time can do it y’all can


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