Server Rules Feature


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  • Itsredsect

    Nice Idea 

  • Tractor Mann

    Yes, add this

  • Emily

    You can already do this.

    1. Create a new channel “#verify” and restrict everyone’s access to the channel (excluding staff)

    2. Create a new role “Unverified” and set your server to only give that role on join (if you automatically give a “Member” role on user join, disable it)

    3. Restrict “Unverified” access to all channels except “#verify”

    4. Post your rules in #verify and add a reaction-role bot. Set it up so when a user clicks an “agree” reaction on the rules message, their “Unverified” role is removed (and a “Member” role is granted, if you have one).


    Best wishes, Emily

  • Ronj

    Well I am on  discord and don't see anywhere to click to agree to rules


  • M͓̽I͓̽L͓̽K͓̽

  • Robust

    why is this picture here??



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