multiple roles for access to one channel? (read below)


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  • aleki

    Harrison, He means that you need to have the established roles, if you only have one you will not be able to see the channel.

  • robin

    alekitopi, yes, that is correct, and please disregard harrison, he's just trying to be funny (its she btw)

  • Ghost_Ninja_420

    Its a bit tricky but i think you can pull it off. So what i use for a similar setup is that i stack roles while assigning.
    I use it on my college server so the examples might not fit exactly, but here goes.
    So i have a role for all class representatives from all classes, but i also have roles for individual classes (division name). So after verification, you get assigned the class you are in and for now we do the class representatives manually. Now i have seperate channels for each class. But if i want a channel only for representatives of a single class, i do so by giving only send message permission to class representatives (turn off read messages and turn on send messages) and do the opposite for the class role (on for read and off for send).

    This makes it so that if you are a class representative of a particular class, only then you can have access to chat there.
    Visualise your roles in the hierarchy you have set, and give send and read accordingly
    Also a new feature of seeing server as a role is added, this ought to make things easy to check.

  • skylet

    Ghost_Ninja_420 But if you give all class members read-privileges and no write-privileges, doesn't that mean that already ALL class members can see the channel, even if they are no class representatives?

    The task was to create a channel rule configuration so that the channel can only be accessed and written to, if 2 or more roles apply at the same time, class member AND class representative in this case.

  • Alectum

    PLEAS DISCORD!!! i really need this feature to!. i have a twitch discord, where i am trying to pull of a level role and youtuber /twitch roles. 

    so i have 2 advert channels.

    2. Stream-Advert
    3. youtube-adevert

    first of all, to access any of these u need to reach lets say , lvl 3. u get a lvl 3 role to that.
    then, when u have it, u would still need the twitch role to access Stream-Advert and 
    youtube role for youtube-advert.

    i cant do this at all with the current system what so ever atm.. no mater how hard i try... it is so weird the way the hierarchy system works...

    i found this, this is the best guide out there that i found but it doesn't help what so ever... but it really shows tho how the rules system really work, with great examples. but , even with this, its impossible

    pls help

  • skylet



    It is not a replacement for the request to allow access only in combination of owning certain roles. But maybe a workaround may work for you. You can make use of the role hierarchy and opposing channel view permissions. Just think of it as forbid-system, rather than a grant-system.

    In the server settings' role management, create a role like "prohibited" and place it on top, under the admin role. Then create your roles "stream-advert" and "youtube-advert" and place them under "prohibited". Then in the privileges, explicitly GRANT (green check) the view-privilege to both advert roles and explicitly FORBID (red "X") the view-privilege for the "probibited" role.

    That's it. To manage your access, give every new user to your system the "prohibited" role, and optionally already an advert-role. Because the "prohibited" role is ranked higher than the advert roles, it rules out their view-allowance with its view-denial. In other words (while using only roles for permission management): As long as he HAS that prohibited role, he may never see the related channel's content. When the user reaches level 3, just remove the limitation by removing his "prohibited" role. Then, possible advert-roles automatically take effect and make the affected channels visible.

    Note: The base visibility is still determined by the @everyone role's privileges, which is "visible" by default, unless explicitly removed for private channels.

    Good Luck, Sky


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