When did Discord turn political?


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  • timic83

    They don't want you to have a place to escape, they want Marxism everywhere.
    Discord get Tencent money. China likes BLM for destablising US and being run by literal marxists. So easy to see why this is all happening...


    Thanks for the solidarity. I will never apologize or "feel fragile" for being white like Discord wants us all to.

  • Sidewinder

    I just ruined a 200 player community over this. Turns out im one of the few folks who wont tolerate a company spreading racism. My discord is dead i only have the account to watch these forums burn.

  • DonZekane

    Quote: ".what simple minded fool on the discord staff thought it was a good idea to turn a mega biggot and call all ppl born with white skin racist just because they are born with white skin?"

    Did they do that? In a mail or what? What campaign?

    They sent me, by mail ofc, a LGBT propaganda thingy. I'm not part of it so don't send me the "PRIDE MONTH" bull%*%*. Ty

    Tho really, when were they (Discord / the guys at Discord) political or "marxist"? I didn't notice it.

  • Rachammer

    alot of ppl have gotten a popup message on top of the screen reading something like "we support the BLM in the fight against the the ppl of the white suprimacist race"  

  • FrauGrimhild

    I wholeheartedly agree. For your information, Discord, the term 'white supremacy' is legally (note: legally) RACIST! End of story. Also, with regard to 'Black Lives Matter', the term 'Black Lives Manipulated' would be more accurate! Discord: Have you every heard of the expression 'divide and conquer'? In my opinion, ALL lives matter! You are hypocrites, Discord!, plain and simple! HYPOCRITES!

  • DrMoon

    They started going for broke within the last couple weeks. Now that they've pledged to routinely violate everyone's privacy, push racist propaganda, racially discriminate in their hiring process, and support openly Marxist groups, I think it's fair to say that this was the plan all along. This ideology demands that they shove it in your face at every opportunity, in whatever way they can. It will not go away. It will only get worse. Plan accordingly.

  • Mariommsfilho

    I see how some bad actors are in discord. Always discuss negative politics for some bad sides.

    people making anti-BLM


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