The New Inbox on Mobile


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  • Cyclops

    Yessss!!! I was gonna post about but I saw this. Please let us have this!!!!!

  • aquarianibis

    Yes, do this please! I get notifications from channels I want to see, and then I have no idea what the notifications were for. Please implement this feature!

  • Rick Whitechest

    I'm still hoping to see this feature! I use Inbox to quickly go through the many servers I'm in, and it'd be very useful if I could do this on the go. Additionally hopefully Inbox can show every channel with new messages and not just a few of them, too!

  • Aethore

    Still hoping to see this, been using inbox on desktop and I'd love to see it on mobile!!

  • erdemozor

    I couldn't agree more

  • RoiPhil

    Yes please!

  • Steve DeGroof

    Three years and 31 upvotes later, and still no inbox on phone apps.


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