Custom Status Priority Switch (Have streaming/game status take priority)


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  • TechmandanCZ

    Best way would be to have a menu where you could sort games and custom status - e. g. if I'm streaming and playing osu, I want the stream to show up, then the custom status and then osu.

  • lonedestroyer

    Made a proof of concept. The wording is a little odd but wasn't sure what to put.

  • Kokoapadoa

    "Show activity status before custom status" would be better wording? It's more generalized and is future-proof due to the general wording (e.g. we could have a "Watching XXX" status in the future). It also includes the already present "Listening to XXX" activity status.

  • Ryle

    I think this would be great!

  • Skelegorg

    this already exists. go to game activity in settings, then toggle off “Display currently running game as status message”.

  • Party Wumpus

    Skelegorg, this is about an option as to whether to show game activity instead of status as the thing under your name


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