Discord app keeps logging me out


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  • Frozmem / tomektomek

    Same problem here, i keep getting logged out of the discord app and i can't seem to find the solution

  • QueenSativa

    Same. It's twice as annoying with 2fA. No solution at all.

  • jemil1992

    I keep having that problem too. Its tired to log in ever time the app logs me out. I hope discord fixes this issue on an upcoming update.

  • Freya

    Same with me, I was wondering whether or not if it was just me, but apparently not haha. I really hope this bug gets fixed, 2FA makes it such a pain.

  • Ashley 🌊

    It just started happening to me today, but discord has been buggy for me all day. At one point I couldn't see messages in a channel but I'd get the notifications for it (and everyone else could see the messages in the channel). The logging out thing only seems to happen when I restart my phone :/

  • Aag

    It keeps randomly happening to me- no when I’m restarting my phone or anything even. I’ll be having a convo, set my phone down for ten minutes, then click on the app and it’s signed me out. Really really annoying with 2fa and with nitro...have to manually hunt down my favorite emojis and spam them somewhere to get them back and it’s VERY irritating

  • Somnolent Doll

    Yep happens to me too, I have an iPhone, never had this problem on an android but I have 2 factor and nitro do not only do I have to take that extra step each time I open the app but I also have to manually look for my favorite emotes all over again, I don’t know why it does this but it’s extremely annoying and I hope it is fixed soon this happens almost everytime I close the app.

  • Badger

    This happens to me but just on my iPad. Is this an iOS issue, android or both platforms? I have discord on my phone, same version as my iPad, and I don’t get logged out. Been logged out 3 times in the last 24hrs and its starting to bug me. 

  • Aleks

    Same here I am on IOS

  • FamedVenus

    Same I even tried restarting my phone but it’s still keeps logging me out.

  • _Apricity_

    Every time it does it to me it says “New!” above the GIF option- I’m thinking it does it every time a new GIF is added? Hopefully they fix it :/


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