Role Icons Feedback/Suggestions


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  • Sapphire

    I fully agree with this. This badge system has a lot of potential. If it's developed well, it could be a really useful tool!
    I think it would be even more helpful if we were able to use more than one badge at once. I'm not sure what that would look like though.

  • PyaKura

    Agreed, also add this feature for Compact view. Role Icons don't really take any extra space on screen so it would be nice to have them while keeping the ability to see more messages than Cosy/Standard view.

    Link to my post:

  • beeped5

    I just like the idea of being able to disable it in my Server Profile settings. I dislike emojis in my name

  • Malisent

    I agree I'd like to see this in compact view.. it works fine on mobile, so not sure why it can't work in compact.


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