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  • tanisha

    Description of the issue/feature:

    If you would like to discuss a particular problem or feature, please describe it clearly.


    Provide steps on how to reproduce the problem if it is a bug.

    Explain why you believe the feature would be useful if it is a feature request.

    Please provide screenshots or examples (if applicable):

    Include any visuals that can assist in illustrating the issue or idea.

    The platform and version are as follows:

    The platform (e.g., Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) and app version you are using should be specified.

    Suggestions for resolving the issue (if applicable):

    If you have any ideas or solutions, please share them with us.


    How does this issue or feature affect your overall experience with Discord?

    User Information (optional):

    You may choose to provide some user context, such as your username, server, or any other relevant information.

    The feedback you have compiled can be provided to Discord through the following channels:

    Check out the Discord Support Page and search for relevant articles about providing feedback. Follow the instructions provided to submit your feedback.

    You may be able to receive feedback if you are a member of an official Discord server or community. Check there for specific instructions if you are a member of such a server.

    The Discord team is often present on social media platforms like Twitter. You can share your feedback there, but it may not be the most direct approach.

    If you have an email address for Discord, you can send your feedback via email. However, this is less common and may not receive a prompt response as using their official support channels.

    The development team values hearing from users so that they can make the Discord app even better for everyone.


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