Add a ''Sounds'' menu on Mobile App, like on desktop


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  • Hannah Stafford

    Thank you for your suggestion. I'm sorry to hear that you are not happy with the current notification sounds on the mobile app. Adding a ''Sounds'' menu to the Mobile App would be awesome! It would make it so much easier to find and customize the perfect sound for whatever you are doing. I want also to add a ''Sounds'' menu in Mobile App, like on desktop. This will give the users an easier way to control the sound on their device. Please vote for this idea on this post, so developers can make it a reality! 



  • Floofers

    Out of curiosity, how many votes does a post need for devs to take notice? Cause there's so many good ones, that a lot of the community agrees on through conversation and even the google play store reviews, that barely get any votes here, cause not enough folks go on these pages.

    The lastest "completed" mobile thing is from 2 years ago...

  • Athi G

    The user recommends incorporating software development services by suggesting the development of a  "Sounds" menu in the mobile version of Discord with the ability to disable specific notification sounds, such as "Mute/Unmute," "Voice Disconnected," and "User Join/Leave. The person wants to customize and control notification settings on mobile devices independently of other platforms. This is actually a good suggestion as it gives users the best experience. It's wonderful that you observed it and shared it.




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