Download image from Twitter embed doesn't work Besvaret
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Nitro mobile Besvaret
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Wyłączone konto Besvaret
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Add emojis with phone Besvaret
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Notifications overrides not working Besvaret
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How do you rearrange channels so it is in a custom order Besvaret
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SMS 2 factor authentication for mobile users, since SMS is more easily accessible for mobile users Besvaret
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Notifications Besvaret
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gifs avatars on IOS. Besvaret
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Detecção de jogos Besvaret
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Add ability to add emotes through mobile Besvaret
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Auto-changeable dark / light theme depending on time of day Besvaret
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Discord iOS crash on startup Besvaret
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Able to add cutom color in mobile Besvaret
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Verificacão de telefone Besvaret
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iOS UIActivityViewController callback for Discord is incorrect Besvaret
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IOS version of discord starts to spam a message i was going to send Besvaret
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push notifications not sent on android Besvaret
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every link I create is invalid Besvaret
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Choose ringtone sound Besvaret
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Tell you what you we're banned for on mobile Besvaret
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Buy Nitro With Google Play Credit Besvaret
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discord nitro on libile Besvaret
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Screen share for mobile! Besvaret
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no escucho los /tts y la musica que pone el bot Besvaret
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"[USERNAME] is typing..." after they send a message. Besvaret
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Can't download images on Android Besvaret
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Games Besvaret
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more functions for mobile phones Besvaret
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Custom colours on mobile Besvaret
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