Can't download images on Android Besvaret
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Discord iOS crash on startup Besvaret
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Detecção de jogos Besvaret
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IOS version of discord starts to spam a message i was going to send Besvaret
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Notifications Besvaret
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How do you rearrange channels so it is in a custom order Besvaret
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Wyłączone konto Besvaret
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Download image from Twitter embed doesn't work Besvaret
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Resetting client local data after each log out Besvaret
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channels moved to a category with inheriting permissions should inherit those permissions.
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I think the in app notifications should be pushed up a little bit for the iPhone 6s
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Have search results be in a different messaging format.
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Support to Mobile Server Developers.
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Channel Type Organization
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Move the emoji menu button over by the attach files button on Android
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Channel shortcuts
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[Android app] Material Design 2
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Do Not Disturb for mobile Besvaret
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game detect auto off.
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Dismiss Notification with Swipe
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Please make deafening on mobile also mute your mic
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Image size on Android
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Images smaller
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Black Notification Panel for Android
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Command keys
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In-app notification
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more functions for mobile phones
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Emote Button for iOS Fuldført
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