Enable notifications for role mentions in forum posts
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Bot Developer Badge & New Restrictions TURNAROUND Ikke planlagt
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Allow PDF viewing or atleast dont make the user download it everytime
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Profile Banners for bots
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the language
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Match pattern for string option (application commands)
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Follower emotes are not syncing with Discord integration
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YouTube Music Status
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Update discord.py to allow bots to be compatible with threads
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Request for a true message thread function
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Backgrounds for Text channels
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Keybinding to switch audio Input
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Underage user
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Non-Input fields in modals
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Add iOS Game Center connection to enable Game Activity for iOS
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Temporary Statuses
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Private criminal institutions are selling and leaking unreleased songs using Discord. Piracy needs to end!
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[Suggestion] Description for choices in string options (Slash commands)
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Custom Interaction Defer Message
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Let me open discord on iPhone web browser
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Suggestion - An Ability for Bots to stream videos via VoiceChannels
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'Allow Bots to Stream Videos' from other online services.
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Suggestion: Let Bots Stream Video
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Actually show the number of notifications instead of 9+
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i like discord
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Skins for discord
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Please remove the gift nitro button on both mobile and PC
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Add other types of Modal components, not just limited textInput types.
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