Kick From Spotify Party
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Server Wide Channel Mute
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Suggestions for the Discord platform in general
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Discord server statistics
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Limiting Pings by User With Delay
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Viewing a server without joining it
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Add text search to server list
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Add channel keys (roles that only let you see a channel)
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Separate 'Manage Messages' into 'Pin Messages' and 'Delete Messages'
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Please make non-verified-email user can't join voice channel
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Hide Common Servers/Friends (More Privacy options)
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Display when a user last opened a server
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Changing your own role's name and color
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Blocking a user should hide your discord tag from them
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Primary roles
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View Bot and User Login History
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Copypasta/Chainmail Filtering
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Need to find someone but i dont know there 4 digit number,
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Should remove profile when account is marked for deletion
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Make role creation easier by adding preset or duplicate options!
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Only allow discord server invites from friends (Toggleable)
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setting passwords to manage servers
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Permission for notifications
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comfirm id
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Simple Server Improvments
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Get a message once a server your in gets deleted
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Enable the NSFW toggle for voice channels
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New Permission: Toggle Listed Roles
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Nested Categories
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Ticket/Report system for users, to be seen my server staff
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