Dyslexic and Visually Impaired Accessibility
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Discord Accessibility for blind users Planlagt
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New update not disability-friendly
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Indonesian Localization for User Interface
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Allow 2 text channels to be opened simultaneously.
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Text transcription/live captioning on voice chat
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Catalan language translation of your User Interface ( in all platforms )
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The new reply layout is very difficult to read with dyslexia
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New Update needs to be reverted
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Support for those with a need for more than one visible name.
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The New Discord UI
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New DM screenshare is so incredibly badly designed
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Screen share is awful!
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Screenshare user interface unintuitive and unusable
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The new screenshare/webcam view is horrible
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Screenshare is inverted
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Reply Feature
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Revert the update.
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Add sub-categories
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Please revert to the old screen share UI!
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please revert the screen sharing!
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New UI Makes The App Unusable
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Multiple Accounts logged in at once
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Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen Fuldført
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New Discord android layout makes accessibility harder than before.
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New UI
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New screen share window is tiny and mirrored.
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Box around profile while in call, new update
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New UI makes it so you cant tell when you or another person is muted
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