Do not move forward with the username change
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Name change = Community Disservice
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Please don't remove the username number discriminators
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Removal of discriminator concerns
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Mobile UI is horrible - Cancelled my Nitro
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are you kidding with the new usernames
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Username system changes are a flawed idea and here's why
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Formal Request To Make Discord User Interface Have Toggle To Turn Off New UI
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New Username Rollout, and How it Really Affects the Community
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The new username change is dumb
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The username change is the worst decision Discord has ever made
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New name system is a cringe and why is this so
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Time zone converter for profiles
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An option needs to be added to re-enable the old UI
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Don't remove discriminators pleasee!!
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Please Don't Remove Discriminators
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Disable suggested channels
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Change filter tag in forum from OR to AND
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Keep the Discrimators
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Number of posts able to be pinned on Forums
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Username change is more worthless than you think
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Forum - move post to another forum channel
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Polls Server Permissions
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Forum Tags - Union and Intersection Filtering Option
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Ability to collapse forums
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On Username Rollouts: Just Ask!
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Discord Events Optimization
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[Username Update] Discord is Embarrassing
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