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  • Message Embed Suggestion

    I know that Discord has allowed bots to send embeds in channels/chats through-out all of Discord. However, I have begun to question if Discord would ever allow Discord Users to send embeds in chann...

  • Message Editing Suggestion

    You know how people edit their messages all the time and it gives that little grayed out text saying (Edited)? What if Discord were to add a feature where if you click that it will show every edit ...

  • Add this!

    Discord should add this to their Merchandise! This nice T-Shirt.

  • Special day

    The title explains the whole thing honestly. I think discord should have one day every year where all users on discord get to have all of discord's special abilities like discord nitro for one whol...

  • Add Colors to the Block Quotes!

    Have any of you seen the block quotes you do by putting > or >>>? It would look something like this: The thing is, why doesn't discord add a way to change the color of the block quotes and the tex...