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  • When blocked, disable message permission (DM)

    The idea: When you're blocked by somebody it will tell you flatout via the message box instead of the need to send a message and it get deleted, and then you feel bad, or it sends and they say "huh...

  • Kick/Ban System messages

    Display messages when players are kicked or banned from the server, concept drawing:

  • counter

    Add a number to indicate each of following: The number of friends you have, if applicable or necessary, show the number of offline, of away, # of do not disturb, etc.  (When you search in the box t...

  • scan images in non-nsfw channels & scan images displayed via link

    if a channel is not NSFW, images can be scanned and blocked if NSFW like in DirectMessage. If a link of NSFW content is posted, either the image / video-player will not be displayed or it will be b...

  • Get rid of "global ban" bots

    This bot called "gaius cicersus" has this thing called global bans which means if you get banned on one server by the bot, any server which has the bot you can never join them. Since these are not ...

  • Undeletable messages

    As an admin, or if given some permission, this feature allows the message to be "locked" or whatever. "locked" messages may not ever be deleted, ever. You would still be able to edit them but nobod...