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  • Use dark/light mode settings from OS

    As I'm working from home a lot right now, I often move between inside and outside for my work. When I do this I need to toggle my OS's dark mode settings to enable me to see better. Most of my apps...

  • Replace embeds with Adaptive Cards (open standard)

    https://adaptivecards.io/ The embed as a feature has stagnated over the past few years, with very few improvements and long-lasting bugs.  Why not replace them with something that gives us much mor...

  • Count emoji references as 1 character when checking API embed limits

    A typical emoji counts as a minimum of 22 characters (21 + the emoji name) towards limits, and can reach upwards of 40 characters depending on the length of the name.  Whilst in practical terms the...

  • Combine emoji limits

    Right now there's 50 slots for standard emoji and 50 for animated emoji. I don't want to add many animated emoji to my server but I'd love to add more standard emoji. Why not combine these limits, ...

  • Allow bots to have emoji not tied to any server

    I have a bot that displays various game information and uses icons from the game to jazz up the messages. At the moment, I'm managing 4 servers that only have the bot in it just so I can have 200 e...