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    [Known Issue] Screenshare and GoLive on Windows 7

    As of December 17th, 2019, we became aware of a number of users on the Windows 7 OS facing issues attempting to use Screenshare and GoLive. This issue manifests as a blank black screen when attempt...

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    Instant Invite 102 - Group Invites

    When you're not ready to start a server, but you still want to share goofy gifs with some friends... That's where group invites have you covered.  Group Invites Your gif sharing group is ready to g...

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    Discord Certified Device Integrations

    We've taken steps to further enhance using a Discord Certified Device by working directly with hardware creators to bring you the most buttery smooth experience starting when you plug in your perip...

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    [iOS] What is happening with my game audio?

    Discord utilizes iPhone's built-in audio processing unit for echo cancellation and automatic gain control. As a result, you get higher quality voice with Discord on your device. Unfortunately, when...

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    Ugyldige invitationslinks

    Du har endelig fået den invitation til den super seje Discord-server, som du har ønsket dig at deltage i, ja! Så... hvorfor virker det ikke? Der er et par grunde til, at dit serverlink muligvis er ...

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    Ugyldigt telefonnummer 

    Prøver du at slutte dig til en server med et krav om telefonverifikation? Foregår der noget lusket her?  Virker telefonnummeret ikke? Der kan være et par forskellige problemer, så lad os se på, hva...

  • Tann oprettede en artikel,

    Stavekontrol i Discord

    Haar due brh forr lit hjøkp med dibn stavening på Diskord? Vi har dig dækket. Discords stavekontrol er tilgængelig på maskiner, der i øjeblikket kører macOS og Windows 8+ MACOS - TILPAS DET På ma...

  • Tann oprettede en artikel,

    Server Ownership - The Crown Icon

    Being the owner of a server comes with a lot of responsibility. You are, in effect, the king of your castle. Hence our shiny new icon! Our intention with the crown icon is to help your server memb...

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    Channel Categories 101

    In the beginning, there was #general......but soon after came #off-topic and #crafting. Channels flourished and the Server grew. The Admin said "let me sort mine channels!" and Discord said "mine r...

  • Tann oprettede en artikel,

    Game Invites and Detailed Status (Rich Presence)

    We know that Discord users love to keep up to speed with what their friends are doing. It's a blast to see what games pop up in everyone's status. That's why we are excited to take steps beyond JUS...