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  • Jafah kommenterede

    Good idea. I really like it tbh, i wish they implement this. *Your english was fine by the way*

  • Jafah oprettede et opslag

    Extra Nitro Booster Badge

    Add a profile badge called something like "Early Booster" for people who boosted a server when boosting became a thing. Make it like the "Early Supporter" badge for early nitro subscribers.

  • Jafah kommenterede

    Yes, even if you do not change your tag with nitro, it will be randomized when your nitro subscription runs out. Unfortunately.

  • Jafah kommenterede

    (Just a reply, i do not work for discord or anything) Its not a bad idea, but.... some discord servers are so big that if you wanted to see who saw a message, there would be hundreds or thousands o...

  • Jafah kommenterede

    I would help you but i dont quite understand the question. If you can try to explain in further detail, i may be able to help you.

  • Jafah oprettede et opslag

    Hide Game Display From Certain Server or person(s)

    Add a feature where you can hide your game activity from a certain server or person(s), but still show to everyone else. Thank you Discord if you implement this. :)