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    I'm coming at this from a disability standpoint when I suggest a popup confirmation. Loads of people with disabilities that result in poor fine motor control or tremors will double click on acciden...

  • Loubhin kommenterede

    Or even a popup confirmation box to make sure you meant to click that. I live in terror of accidentally entering a voice channel. 

  • Loubhin kommenterede

    I definitely agree that there should be an option to remove or completely hide blocked messages, too. But it should be an option, not the default. I've used chat clients in the past that by default...

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    Option to Suppress Notifications from Blocked Users

    I don't mind the "Blocked Message" box in the chat--it helps me to keep track of when my friends are responding to the people I've blocked, so I don't get too confused by the conversation.  What I ...

  • Loubhin kommenterede

    You can turn it off! User Settings > Text & Images > Toggle off "Allow playback and usage of /tts command" at the very bottom under "Text-To-Speech"