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  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    If I mute the microphone during a call, iOS app should stop using the microphone completely

    If I mute the microphone during a call, the iOS application should completely stop using the microphone, and accordingly the orange indicator should go out. This feature appeared in iOS 14 - https:...

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    Ability to change sound settings for each server and/or channel separately

    Please add the ability to change the microphone mute/unmute, the user has joined and left, the viewer has joined/left sounds, etc. only for a specific server and/or channel. Since now I can do this...

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    Update icon on the Google Play Market

    Please update your icon on the Google Play Market in accordance with the new specifications. Since in the future, Google will automatically convert your icon to "legacy mode". Useful links: https:/...

  • Rakleed kommenterede

    Perhaps this information will be useful - http://www.jrsoftware.org/ishelp/index.php?topic=setup_uninstalldisplayicon.

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    Automatic backup of settings and application data from Google

    Could you please add support for automatic backup of settings and app data from Google?https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/data/autobackup

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    Incorrect display of icons in the list of Windows apps

    Please add the Discord icon in "Settings - Apps - Apps & features" and "Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features" in Windows 10. To implement this, you most likely need to add UninstallDisp...

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    [Android app] Material Design 2

    Could you please make the design of the application in the style of the updated Material Design (or Material Design 2.0)? Examples of applications with updated design: Google Keep, Google Contacts,...

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    Auto-changeable dark / light theme depending on time of day


    Please make the auto-swap a dark / light theme depending on the time of day for all platforms. Examples of implementation: Telegram (for Android only), Solid Explorer (for Android only), Yandex.Map...

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    Beautiful icon for Android app

    Please make a more beautiful icon for the Android application. For example, remove the shadow from the game pad and make the background a gradient and use for it brighter colors (like Udacity).

  • Rakleed oprettede et opslag

    Support shortcuts for Android app

    Please add support for shortcuts for the Android application.