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  • 🐧Master3395🐧 kommenterede

    Congratulations.Not sure how you got it, but your lucky enough to do so :) I wish i had it also heh.I use all 4 versions of discord. 1. Canary. 2. PTB 3. Normal discord 4. Discord Beta Android.

  • 🐧Master3395🐧 kommenterede

    Why aren't they allowed to show such info to the bot support server? Bots can still store it using API from discord? Same with what servers they are in.

  • 🐧Master3395🐧 oprettede et opslag

    Integrations Bot Statistics

    Allow the Support server of the bot to have statistics on what servers the bot is in, how many servers. And who invited the bot.That way it's easier to get the bot out of servers it should not be in.

  • 🐧Master3395🐧 kommenterede

    I wish you could use the search for user bar, to search for specific things that you have chatted with someone, to get up the exact user.

  • 🐧Master3395🐧 kommenterede

    This should have been considered, before they pushed custom statuses.I moderate quite big servers.And we have strict rule on Profanity.And people get away with it.Or we have to manually check every...

  • 🐧Master3395🐧 kommenterede

    In additional to this feature, i think it's best to not turn off the crown, if you show more roles separated.It will be messy, if someone wants to show the crown, but also wants admins to show (but...