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  • bestrochen kommenterede

    They removed it cause of nitro, and twitch affiliate/partner integration. Which makes sense, its a completely free app.

  • bestrochen kommenterede

    This seriously needs to be a thing the only alternative is leaving the server entirely. Which defeats the purpose if your using discord for guilds an clans in games. Please mkae it happen before I ...

  • bestrochen oprettede et opslag

    Multi Server Chats/Channels

    Make it so a channel or maybe even a catagory full of channels can be used through multiple servers at the sametime. Some game servers cross over into multiple communities and creators. As is now t...

  • bestrochen kommenterede

    Saw this in here while making my own topic so just going to put here instead.   Add a permission that can be enabled or disabled to change your own color. Similar to the nickname feature, but just ...