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  • NAKEDnick kommenterede

    Wonderful news! I’ll finally be able to turn the activity status back on after 4 long years of not using it.

  • NAKEDnick kommenterede

    That’s why I just disabled it entirely. I’d like to use it, but as long as I can’t have that control, then I’d rather just not use it.

  • NAKEDnick kommenterede

    @Mallard I can’t recall if it’s been discussed here or not, but it has been elsewhere for sure. While it can work, it’s not a feasible solution given that it can cause linkage breaking. It will al...

  • NAKEDnick kommenterede

    @Delmain you’re not wrong that vote dilution will be a problem. However, my feedback does provide a proposed way to integrate a solution. Users can bump both posts and hopefully it will lead to thi...

  • NAKEDnick kommenterede

    atwixtor Hmmmm. It's probably because it's still pending approval.

  • NAKEDnick kommenterede

    Afventer godkendelse

    *Edit* I'm and idiot and just noticed this WAS a feedback request.  Oh well. MORE FEEDBACK! So I've seen a few feedbacks posted on this particular topic, but they all vary to some degree, and none ...

  • NAKEDnick oprettede et opslag

    User specific text shortcuts or command aliases

    I’d like to see user specific text-expansion and/or command aliases added for users. Proposed Implementation: Add a section within the settings titled “Command And Text Aliases Shortcuts)” Form wi...