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  • Speeder323 oprettede et opslag

    Searching messages sent by a deleted user using "from:"

    Apparently you can't do this! Even if you do "from:<123useridhere456>" in the search bar, it just doesn't work. But the messages are still there! And if you use keywords that the deleted user sent,...

  • Speeder323 oprettede et opslag

    Mobile MP3 playing

    Adding mp3s to be previewed and played on mobile devices without a need to download them.

  • Speeder323 kommenterede

    An addition to this: When you block an user, it will give you a toggle switch. That switch will make the Blocked Messages Tab visible or not, so you can now select who deserves true eradication fro...

  • Speeder323 oprettede et opslag

    Turn :heavy_plus_sign: and similar to white when in Dark Theme

    When in Dark Theme, :heavy_plus_sign: emotes (and emotes similar to that) don't turn white, making you unable to see them clearly. Let's change them to either gray (for both themes) or white (when ...

  • Speeder323 kommenterede

    How about not custom CSS and just changeable colors?

  • Speeder323 kommenterede

    I do agree, it would be nice so you don't have to scroll down the list of people you have DMd until you find the one you're looking for. Yes, I know, you can use the Friend system, but wouldn't it ...