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  • Add Discord Connection to Huawei Game Suite

    I have seen that Samsung and Discord are now partners and Samsung added a Connection with Discord in their Game Launcher app. My suggestion is to add a Connection with Discord in Huawei Game Suite,...

  • If you block a user, hide from DM's and totally hide from members list in shared servers. ( or add an option to toggle if you want to see it or not )

  • Bring Back Old Link-in-Chat systems

    After an update, if you time google.com in chat it won't show it as link. You have to type https://google.com to show it in chat. My suggestion is to make links without https:// as prefix useable a...

  • Mobile Server Emoji Names

    When you add emojis to your server and use images, use image names not \:emoji_1:, \:emoji_2: etc. And if file is higher than 256kb compress it.

  • Account Settings

    Increase the number of possibilities to change the username, tag or profile picture from 2 to 3 per hour.

  • For Invalid Invite

    If a user send a invalid invitation link and user has a nickname, use it's nickname not it's username.

  • Ideea but IDK how good it is

    For all uers, I think would be a great ideea , server members can acces server animated emoji without nitro but only in the same server , not other ones. I mean, if I don't have nitro and my server...

  • A new ability

    View shared videos without downloading them. ( I mean download + share )

  • In-app Notifications problem


    I have seen this from about 5-6 days ago, I have seen this: In-app Notifications shows Notifications ( in-app) and doesn't matter if they are disabled or not . I have tried a few times but could no...