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  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    Level 2 Boosted Servers Get Announcement Channels

    I mean, why not?

  • Chilichongoes kommenterede

    Yeah I now realize how expensive it would be so don't upvote

  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    Auto bot hosters

    Discord would automatically host your bot 24/7. You would just put in the bot name, code, then click launch and your bot would be online for you until you want to take it offline for something then...

  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    Choose the sound effect for each Discord sound

    Discord has all those sounds for the things like mentions, calls, and all that good stuff; it would be amazing if we could choose what at sound effect was because there's that sweet Discord rington...

  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    A site to make your profile pic with the Discord art style

    Project Blurple has this blurpifier thing and it draws your profile pic with different shades of blurple. Discord has that art style that looks so good and it would be nice to draw our profile pics...

  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    The crown icon went away, what do I do?


    I created my server a while back and I think my crown icon only lasted about a week before it just disappeared. While other servers have been around for much longer and still have theirs. Does some...

  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    Choose where to put text when uploading image

    When you upload an image (on pc) you can only add text and mark it as a spoiler. It would be nice if we could choose if we wanted to put the text above, below, or on either side of the image

  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    Sell the HypeSquad Snowshiving sweatshirts again

  • Chilichongoes kommenterede

    I hope they get added

  • Chilichongoes oprettede et opslag

    Discord Extensions

    So there's all these suggestions and we'd really like to see a lot of them be added. So like the old game library, you could go into a tab like that and look for interesting extensions. When you as...