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    A More Extensive User Profile

    I would love to see more than just your name, pic, online status and a custom status.Some suggestions: - a more extensive bio (this would occupy the space that is now used for "notes", who even use...

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    a work-around I've been using for a long while, is never delete any channels but if I want to remove channels from my general community, i move them over to a private category called "The Archive",...

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    Although it seems like a funny gimmick, I feel like it wouldn't work all that well for people with longer usernames, plus it can look really bad in some people's eyes.I personally really dislike th...

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    Nested Categories

    Please add a function where you can add categories in categories so one could organize their server somewhat like so: ==Guild==↓ Music  # chat one  # chat two↓ Gaming  ↓ Minecraft    # screensho...